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- a Digital Technology Company, member of TV TOKYO Group -

Company Name TV TOKYO Communications Corporation
Abbreviation TXCOM
Headquarters Sumitomo Shin-Toranomon Building 4F, 4-3-9 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
Established 1st March, 2001 (company name changed 20th June, 2013)
Capital 70 million yen
Business Operations Development and producing of digital media and content.
Cross-media advertising
Board of Directors
President & CEO Nobuhiko Oshima
Executive Officer Go Watanabe
Executive Officer Shinjiro Ninagawa
Executive Officer Akinori Honda
Director Kiyoshi Tokuda
Director Nobuyuki Sasaki
Director Ippei Fukuda
Director Hitoshi Saito
Auditor Eiji Iwata
Shareholder TV TOKYO Holdings Corporation
(100% ownership)



  • Address

    Sumitomo Shin-Toranomon Building 4F, 4-3-9 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001

  • Nearest Station

    Kamiyacho Station, Hibiya Line (3 min on foot)


  • Address

    Roppongi Grand Tower 14F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8007

  • Nearest Station

    Roppongi-itchome Station, Namboku Line (1 min on foot)


Born from TV, Flying ever higher with Digital Media & IP as wings

Our mission is to provide entertainment for the digital age through media, content and IP. All our services aim to bring a better life to people, because they deserve it.

Digital Media Businesses

  • Video Streaming
    As member of the TV TOKYO Group, we manage and digitally distribute video content with a focus on TV programs. Our services take a variety of forms, from AdVOD (such as Net mo Teletou) to SVOD (such as TV TOKYO Business on Demand, Paravi).
    Currently we are working towards increasing media added value, especially through marketing strategies based on audience data.
  • Web, Owned Media
    We design, produce, and run the official Websites of TV TOKYO and BS TV TOKYO.
    We also design, edit, compile, and manage "Teletou Plus", which is Owned media centered around articles.
    One of our strength is speedy response and update to devices and technologies. And we usually post content on external social media platforms as well, taking measures to ensure we have various points of contact with audience.
  • Data Broadcasting
    We plan and produce data broadcasting content to improve viewership.
    We actively promote the development of technologies such as "Hybridcast(TM)" for next-generation TV.
    * Hybridcast is a trademark of NHK Engineering System Inc.

IP Businesses

These are licensing businesses that utilizes IPs (intellectual properties), Merchandising (that include producing digital products), EC(e-commerce) businesses, and Animation businesses.
Our strengths are as follows.
  • We have stable relationships with powerful partners (mobile carriers, platformers, game publishers) in the digital and IT fields
  • We are able to develop services accepted by its users and have made many achievements.
  • We quickly respond/update to devices and technologies.
These make us one of most powerful digital content distribution companies in Japan.
  • Peanuts (SNOOPY)
    We have also been carrying out the digital expansion of "Peanuts", featuring the world most famous beagle "SNOOPY", in Japan for the past 15 years.
    • Distribution of digital content
    • We operate the largest SNOOPY membership programs and continue to develop innovative digital products through our vast creative knowledge.
    • EC
    • We operate official EC service "OkaimonoSNOOPY." We are developing and merchandising original Peanuts products with many partners.
    • Animation
    • We distribute 'Peanuts' animated series to broadcasters (TV TOKYO, NHK) and OTT service providers (NETFLIX, etc) .
  • Kanahei's Small animals
    TXCOM is the merchandising, advertising, publishing and animation rights licensing representative of Kanahei's Small animals series include her masterpiece "Piske & Usagi".
    Kanahei is a Japanese illustrator and manga artist whose unique artwork, manga and anime creations have become highly popular around the world.
    Kanahei has won awards in the "LINE Creators'Stickers Awards". After coming in second place in 2014 and 2015, Kanahei's Small animals series won the Grand Prize in 2016.
    Kanahei's Small animals official website:
  • Miffy
    We also produce digital content of "Miffy", a valuable IP. We release stickers on LINE and manage official websites on mobile carrier.
  • Other
    We handle many of the latest IPs as well.
    Ninja Bear: The new ninja character made to address inbound demands
    Rabbids: Born in France and popular as game characters
    Wacky TV "Nanana": A short animation starring the TV TOKYO mascot character Nanana as redesigned by the creator of "The World of GOLDEN EGGS"!

Digital and Cross-media Advertising

We work using a new kind of cross-media planning by producing and creating content and TV programs using both TV and the Internet. Creating "VirtualYouTuber" and developing eSports businesses, no genre is out of reach for us as we continue to expand and incorporate variety into our work.

System Development

We develop and coordinate many systems in order to distribute content on variously devices and realize efficient marketing.
As an example "TV TOKYO ID" which we developed is a system that supports web marketing for the TV TOKYO Group. We always support secure media and content management.


If you have any issues, requests or enquiries, please contact us at the following address.
One of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.